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About Us

The mission is to spread HOPE by Helping Other People Everyday.

HopeHealth Team cares mostly about providing excellent customer service to individuals & families seeking health coverage. We listen to your situation, evaluate your specific health needs, and present best insurance options available within your area & budget. We are here to help guide you through the research process that'll lead you to maximum health & financial protection for your family AND help get you set up. We spend a lot of time helping you understand your coverage, so you feel confident & educated about your healthcare decision.

Which applies to you?

  • Self Employed

  • Lost Coverage

  • Pricey Employer Plan

  • Premium Increase

  • Need doctor in network

  • Coverage In Any State

  • Overpaying for your health insurance

  • Not happy with your current coverage?

  • Simply want to make sure you are in the best spot possible?

Customize your package tailored for you

Our insurance plans offer an array of options for customers on a limited budget, as well as, those who are looking for additional benefits. No matter the type of plan you choose, we work with you to build the health coverage that’s best for you and your family. Flexibility and reliability are the hallmarks of our product portfolio.
Checkout our highlights & benefits.

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  • Any Doctor, Any Hospital!

  • 24 hour coverage, on or off the job

  • Portable coverage

  • Quality coverage available for periods of critical illness

  • Wellness & Health Screening Benefits Available

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  • 3 Plans to Choose From Tailored for Your Needs

  • Preventative Dental Care Coverage

  • Basic Dental Care Coverage

  • Major Dental Care Services Available

  • Orthodontic Care Services Available

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  • Over 100,000 Access Points

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam Coverage

  • Corrective Lenses Coverage

  • Corrective Contact Lenses Coverage

  • Annual Allowance Towards Frames

Brian Hilton, TX

I accidentally got in contact with these people and doubted seriously that they could help me. Happy to say I was completely wrong. They got me great affordable insurance in 3 days. If you want someone reliable and knowledgeable, you are talking to the right people.

Maaen Aboafch, VA

I had the pleasure of working with Karen . She helped me to breakdown our family needs and together we built the perfect health insurance policy. Plus we will be saving money. Karen is very knowledgeable and I would rate her consumer service and professionalism a perfect 10!

Paulina Smith, MS

Thank you so much! You both did a great job helping me! Even if I was not approved, I would have referred family to you for your hard work and great service. 😊 Thank you so much for getting this taken care of for me!!

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